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Role Of Accountant In This Recession

As the recession is growing more, accountants are expected to play their role actively in that. Clients want them to offer value added services despite economic crunch. But how can accountants make sure they are going in the right direction to satisfy their customers.

Sound advice

Recessions are unstoppable in the economic cycle and can occur at some time because of many reasons. In these hard financial times, a balanced as well as the pragmatic approach is the best way to tackle the issue. Accountants can do a lot by providing solid, strong and practicable advice that really works. Since, they are experts of economy, finance, accountancy and other factors concerning all of them, they are the best professional to consult with in such tough times.


Accountant can suggest you cut down your unnecessary expenses. For instance, a hefty amount of money goes into your luxury tours every month. You can reduce those trips to one or a few. In severe cases, you can totally skip it and enjoy any other free or less expensive activity like going to watch a movie, playing games with kids and so on.

Budgeting is the key to financial stability. There must be a balance between your income and expenses. You must cut your coat according to the cloth and save money in peak days when you are getting money beyond your needs.

Cash flow management

It is an essential factor in this recession that can grow or flop your business. So, you must take it seriously and take required steps to ensure you don’t become the victim of the recession for a longer period of time.

Tax planning

Business taxes or individual taxes are a vital part of any business, whether small scale or at global level. In hard times, every penny and cents count. Accountants can help you figure out all legal loopholes that can benefit you or your business financially when it comes to paying taxes. This can be really helpful in maintaining your business.

Debt consolidation and restructuring

You can take help from a second mortgage, refinancing of machinery and other such things to consolidate debts and re-finance assets. Accountants can help a lot to restructure your debts you getting in touch with your creditors. They can work collaboratively to chalk out a plan and a way out to get rid of recession and its implications. You must seek help from them in this regard to create ease.


Financial statements, budgets, cash flow forecasts are those reports that are critical for business. This is especially true if you want to re-structure your business. Financial institutions need these reports before they offer you financial help.

Improve bookkeeping

Because there is scanty amount of cash, record keeping of all expenses major or minor can help a lot to stay in the limit. You accountant can clean up messy books and save business sums to a great extent.

Accountants should get active in recession times and give appropriate advice and help to their clients. This can bring them out of trouble in a short span of time.

Source by Harun Rashid Khan